What is an Endomorph?

  • good at storing an excess of fat ( survival from famine and and ice-age)
  • great at adjusting your metabolism ( to hold energy in the form of fat)
  • carbs (best form of storing energy)
  • After a month or two, you eat normal again all the weight comes back. When you eat at a lower calorie deficit, your body begins to think food is scarce, it goes in survival mode
  • produces less leptin

1. Metabolism Confusion

Cycling carbs between low medium and high days
  1. Low Carb day
  • You will increase your healthy fat intake, your body will begin to mobilize and burn fat storage for energy
  1. Moderate / High Carb day
  • Eat high carb diet, pasta, pizza etc and will reignite your metabolism, increases your leptin
  • Then switch back to low carb so that you can use your high metabolism to use your stored fat for energy
  • Fats are crucial for weightloss.

2. Avoid long Cardio, do HIIT (10 minutes, 3 times a week)

  • Cardio does not work for endomorphs
  • Makes you age faster, bad for your joints
  • Overworking your heart
  • Perform high intensity short cardio (HIIT)
Once you reach your maximum intake of oxygen, O2max, the body continues to replenish and burn calories for up to 48 hours after you work out.

3. Use a weight-loss plan for your body type - Melarossa